ACE Projects

Gun Girl

Director: Gorby Shih

Screenwriters: Gorby Shih, Scott Eriksson

Project: Action/Adventure series, strong female leads, lots amazing stunt choreography, and of course guns and blood!

Love, Work and Other Demons

Director: Gorby Shih

Screenwriters: Gorby Shih

Project: Supernatural action / comedy series

Finding Tomorrow

Director: Scott Eriksson

Screenwriters: Scott Eriksson

Project: Short film, love story

Kevin & His Skateboard: Coming Home

Directors: Kevin Taejin Kreider / Scott Eriksson

Producers: Kevin Taejin Kreider, Scott Eriksson, Eric Chenjie Pan

Project: Documentary

Zaps, INC

Director: TBC

Screenwriters: Scott Eriksson, Gorby Shih

Project: Zombie horror / dark humor series

Into the Quagmire

Director: WeRa Aung

Screenwriters: Michael Poole, Scott Eriksson, WeRa Aung

Project: Burmese documentary

1/4 Mermaid

Director: Gorby Shih

Screenwriters: Gorby Shih / Scott Eriksson

Project: Teenage fantasy series

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